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Surface coatings for aerospace


Specialist coatings and coating application for the aerospace industry

Surface Technology is an important player in the aviation supply chain for many leading aerospace manufacturers.

Our coatings extend component life, act as a thermal barrier to reduce material operating temperatures and improve engine efficiency.

Aerospace Coatings

Coating Properties

Typical Applications

  • Temperature, fretting corrosion and wear resistance
  • Engine efficiency optimisation
  • Anti-corrosion – rust, heat, dust and water
  • Hard chrome replacement
  • Increased surface hardness
  • Self lubricity
  • Fuel connectors
  • Heating systems
  • Turbine blades
  • Electronic housings
  • Aircraft tyre moulds

In the field of aviation, guaranteed performance is vital. Our pressure testing and impregnation services ensure that the integrity of fuel delivery components is safeguarded.

Jet engines rely on high friction protective coatings. For example, an aircraft at full power during take-off, especially in a hot desert environment, has an exposed fore-end fan assembly that is subjected to intense bombardment from sand and other airborne particles. To combat this, we apply a three part protective coating to the annulus filler – which separates the engine turbine blades – for a leading engine manufacturer. Exposed surfaces use a formulation that acts as an anti-erosion shield, whilst the metal-to-metal contact section employs a dry film lubrication system to minimise fretting corrosion.