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Surface coatings for paper and textile production industry

Paper and Textile Industries

Paper and textile manufacturing coatings

Our solutions are used in the paper and textile industry to manage adhesion and ensure process equipment remains easy to clean.

Paper and Textile Coating Services

Paper and Textile Coating Properties

Paper and Textile Applications

  • Electroless Nickel PTFE
  • Wear resistance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Low friction co-efficient
  • Surface release (non-stick)
  • Paper drying cylinders
  • Dye troughs
  • Rollers

For example, the creation of dust – a bi-product of textile manufacture – has long been known to cause a major risk of explosion. Our electroless nickel PTFE composite coating is applied to nozzles which are used to spray a fine mist of water into the atmosphere, suppressing the potentially harmful dust. This coating is particularly useful in hard water areas.
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