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Automotive surface coatings


Specialist automotive coatings and coating application services

We develop and apply a range of treatments and finishes that enhance material performance, lifespan and component aesthetics for leading automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Our engineered coatings and impregnation solutions are trusted by many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers – from volume manufacturers to multi World Championship winning F1 teams.

Automotive Coating Services

Automotive Coating Properties

Automotive Applications

  • Wear resistance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-fretting
  • Anti-galling
  • Surfaces requiring electrical insulation
  • Heat corrosion & sulphur corrosion resistance
  • Engine blocks and cylinder heads
  • Air conditioning components
  • Power steering and brake pipes
  • Fuel pipe and fuel delivery systems
  • Brake calipers

Porosity protection for automotive cast components

Our Ultraseal resin impregnation systems are used to seal porosity and improve engine performance, quality and life expectancy. Other surface coatings are specified where friction control and abrasion resistance is required.
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Corrosion protection for cast automotive components

Our high performance zinc and zinc alloy finishes are widely used to prevent corrosion.

Advanced ductile Zinc Nickel coatings for hydraulic steering and braking systems – facilitating post coating bending and forming

We have developed techniques that provide corrosion resistance over the entire surface of the component, whilst offering a uniquely ductile surface that allows our customers to post form and bend the parts into their final shape. These specialist Zinc Nickel coatings are typically applied to hydraulic fluid transfer pipes such as those that are used widely in power steering and braking systems.
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Anti-corrosion paint for high performance brake calipers

The finish of high performance brake calipers in combination with new alloy wheel designs has become a key part of the visual appearance of the modern car. Our experienced application engineers apply anti-corrosion high gloss paint and PTFE coating systems specifically developed for these components, providing corrosion protection and a surface that is not adversely affected by the unsightly result of brake dust build up.
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