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Surface Coatings for the Defence Industry


Coatings for defence and security systems equipment

We provide high performance coatings for an array of defence and security equipment. From specification to application, repair and maintenance, we ensure that mission critical parts and components perform at their maximum.

Defence Coating Services

Defence Coating Properties

Defence Applications

  • Wear resistance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Low friction co-efficient
  • Surface release (non-stick)
  • Landing gear
  • Missile locks, ejectors and actuators
  • Missile exhausts
  • Underwater weapons
  • Actuators
  • Heat transfer systems
  • Aircraft engine components

Trusted by leading defence and security systems manufacturers

Surface Technology’s coating and application knowledge and expertise can be found in numerous defence and security applications, from naval to infantry and air force.

Our experienced application engineers work with customers to comprehensively understand specification, required performance levels and the operational environment for each component. Data from each of these variants is then used to drive the optimum surface coating solution.

The unrivalled expertise, coatings and service levels provided by Surface Technology is why we are the supplier of choice for many of the world’s advanced military vehicles, equipment and technology.