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Surface coatings for the medical industry


Medical device and equipment coatings

Our innovative FDA approved coating systems are widely used on medical devices and equipment where surface release and low friction are key requirements.
Taking a consultative approach to the use and application of coatings, we have a proven record in researching and developing innovative purpose-formulated coatings for a variety of medical industry applications.

Medical Coating Services

Medical Coating Properties

Medical Applications

  • Wear resistance
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-fretting
  • Anti-galling
  • Tablet and punching heads
  • Conveyor systems
  • Moulds
  • Bearings used in dentistry drills
  • Prosthetic limb joints
  • CT scanners

Low friction co-efficient coatings for dentistry equipment

High accuracy and a low co-efficient of friction are the key requirements for miniature high speed bearings, as used in dentistry drills. We have developed a special formula of Armourcote® thin film coating system for this application.
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Innovative surface coating for hospital body scanner magnets

A leading supplier of super conducting body scanning magnets required a coating to release resin potted super conductive filament wire from their mould tools. This application required not only surface release but excellent abrasion and wear resistance from the epoxy resin system used. The Armourcote® 4500 Series coating, the result of three years’ research and development, provided the solution.
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