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Audit Services for Surface Coating

Improvement Services

Surface Treatment consultancy from the industry specialist

Continuous improvement is essential for surface coating facilities.

Our consultants will become part of your team; helping you to maximise your operation for quality and productivity, and reduce waste within the process. Our services include:

  • Control and management of measureable improvement plans
  • Developing of process audits encompassing all aspects of the operation, technical, production and product quality
  • Quality system management
  • Review of cost centres for improvement
  • Identification of strategic training for key personnel
  • Evaluate and target environmental improvements
  • Dedicated on-site project leader
  • Full departmental support team encompassing quality, technical, facility and HS&E

Why work with Surface Technology?

  • Developing the customers process to become a best-in-class supplier
  • Achieving sustainable and reliable product supply, ensuring “peace of mind”
  • Improved productivity by raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the process
  • Waste reduction and optimisation of the operational set-up
  • Reduction of overall costs for the entire coating process through balancing of cost, quality and delivery