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Surface Coatings

Surface Coatings

The specialist applicator of surface coatings

We are a trusted, high quality supplier of specialised coatings to various industries including aerospace, medical, automotive, food handling, oil & gas, petrochemical and precision engineering.

We offer over 150 standard coatings, though new projects, tighter specifications, differing priorities and environmental issues mean we often have to respond with customised solutions.

We specialise in fluorocarbon and fluoropolymer surface coatings: PTFE Coatings, Moly Coatings, Electroless nickel, and Electroless nickel composites, Anti-corrosion systems, and Aerospace & Defence coating systems.

We specialise in solving problems and providing technical expertise.

Surface Technology are approved applicators for the following coatings:

  • Acheson Emralon®
  • Dupont Teflon®
  • Whitford Xylan®
  • Weilburger Greblon®
  • Victrex Vicote®
  • PPG Amercoat®
  • Sigma Coatings®
  • International®
  • Trimite®
  • Acheson Molydag®
  • Dow Corning Molykote®
  • Everslik®
  • Everlube®
  • Klubertop®