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Coatings for mining industry


Advanced Surface Coatings for the Mining Industry

The mining and natural resources boom has meant that there is more equipment and machinery than ever before working on the minesites of Australia. In comparison to other areas of the world, the Australian mining industry is technologically advanced, and high levels of investment have been made in the equipment used for mineral extraction.

At Surface Technology (Australia), through the application of advance surface coatings technology, we help mining companies to reduce costs and time delays by ensuring their mining equipment has the best possible protection.

Coatings expertise and service for the Mining Industry

Advanced surface coatings can prolong equipment life expectancy in the mining industry by reducing the abrasive wear mechanisms on machinery such as vibrator feeds and augers.

In mining operations, corrosion can impede the reliability and efficient operation of equipment or structures, and can have dramatic effects on safety. Anti-corrosion coatings also reduce costs and time delays when the equipment is operating in aggressive environments.

We also specialise in coatings to reduce friction, by imparting surface release properties. For example, we regularly coat 500kg hinge pins in Molybdenum Disulphide for this reason.

Australia’s Surface Coating Specialist

We provide the Australian mining and natural resources industry with the coatings solutions they need. We offer;
1. Consistent, high quality coatings (see our section on our QMS).
2. Experienced, skilled personnel. Technical expertise and advice.
3. A rapid response, and a reliable supplier to you.
4. Facilities based in Perth, WA.